Prevent stroke and sudden cardiac arrest

Dr. György Kozmann

Dr. György Kozmann

University teacher, president of the Medical Information Technology R+D at the University of Pannonia, also a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (BME, 1964) C.Sc. (1981) and a doctor of the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Science) (2001). He has been a full-time lecturer at the University of Pannonia since 1998. He is also scientific advisor for the MTA MFA part-time and the head of the scientific division of the Bioengineering Department. He is the member of two international and five Hungarian professional associations and committees.

He has been teaching full-time at the University of Virginia since 1998. Is Scientific Advisor for Technical Physical and Material-Scientific Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for a Part Time and Leadership Scientific section of the bio-engineering department. He is a member of two international And five Hungarian trade unions and commissions.


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